Quiet in warez land

It’s quiet now, no big cases are being fought and the scene is doing it’s work slowly. Torrents are still used the most but I don’t see why people don’t download from usenet.
Myself I have a netflix subscription because it’s finally in Belgium so I can support them now. These people are moving towards a good thing here. Ok I agree things should be free if you want but if you pay a minor fee to be legal everyone gets better from it.

UK goverment listened to The Warez Scene


That’s a post I made in May.
Now I was watching the bbc and what did I read there?

People in the UK who persistently pirate music and movies will soon start getting emails warning them that their actions are illegal.
The warnings are part of a larger scheme that aims to educate people about copyright and legal ways to enjoy digital content.


+1 for the United Kingdom !

Governments should stop blocking piracy!

I’m surprised that governments think that blocking (torrent) sites will help with the fight against piracy.
It’s so easy to download through a vpn or on a remote desktop which is not within that country.
A proxy is also an option but yeah free proxies are usually slow.
Also if the government blocks a site they’re also blocking potential legal torrents which is against the freedom of people if you ask me.
Stop blocking these sites and encourage people to use legal options etc… because users that want to download for free they will find a way anyway. Newsservers can not be blocked for example…

Download safely through newsgroups.

Downloading through newsgroups is one of the oldest way of filesharing, it’s safe if you search/download nzb from sites that scan the files and you always get the top speeds.
Usenet always required a subscription fee but nowadays you can get free usenet also, I don’t mind paying the fee because I get a lot in return and I don’t know what those free usenet providers do with my details. I want my details to be safe.
Anyway if you want to test usenet you can get a free trial
I’ve been with this newsserver provider for years now and I know my privacy is safe.
When you want to download you can use a remote desktop from wrzhost for example or a vpn. You can also buy private dedicated proxies if you want to use a proxy to download the file from your rdp to your home computer.
For movies and tv shows I suggest streaming from your rdp, if you buy one close to you then it shouldn’t be a problem.
Better be safe then sorry!

Welcome to The Warez Scene

I opened this site because I’m quite sick of what’s happening in the warez scene lately.
Yes this used to be one of the biggest forums around but the owner quit and it was sold. When I got it I locked all file hosts and closed all sections.
People may ask why?
There are so many people just gathering information, trying to earn money with sharing links etc… and I always been fighting against this. I’m not like that. Privacy should be a right and sharing should be free for anyone and fast also, why should you pay for a premium account if the files are shared freely in faster ways on other sites and in private communities, people making money with downloads etc… that’s not the intention of our beloved scene.
Anyway I will try to provide the best underground news and the best ways to download files 100% private. I always liked to help people and share my knowledge and make them feel safe when they want.
I don’t encourage the usage of illegal files, you can’t find any illegally downloaded file on my computer because when I like it I pay for it and I don’t want to gather petabytes of data, sometimes I just want to see a nice tv show that’s not airing in my country and then I setup a vpn and I still watch it.
Why should they put limits on the internet? For example netflix is not available in some countries so these people are obliged to setup a vpn and then also pay the subscription fee? This costs them extra money so if companies give us an easy and cheap way to download stuff then we gladly pay for it, I don’t mind paying a small amount for a game to keep up the developers or 1 usd to rent a decent movie.
So don’t limit us but encourage us to pay a small fee for a lot of content!